Best Derma Roller Brand for All Skin Problems

Do you want to know the best derma roller brand for all skin problems? Then you’ve got to the right page! With all the beauty innovations we have nowadays, being your own definition of beautiful is easier to achieve. One of the great choices we have is Dermarolling.                                                                            

Dermarolling is a way of repairing your skin to get a better and improved appearance when you suffer from skin-aging and acne related problems. We all know that life can be so stressful and we tend to practice a not-so-healthy kind of lifestyle that adds to the quick aging of our skin. Collagen is what makes us have a beautiful and young-looking skin. However, as we age, the supply decreases and we need to supply our bodies with it to fix our skin imperfections. Thanks to the derma roller! This powerful beauty device that contains hundreds and thousands of microneedles stimulates the production of collagen when rolled onto the skin’s surface. The tiny pricks it creates trigger the body to do its natural healing process to produce collagen in the area where you rolled it.

How does a Derma Roller Works?

When you roll the derma roller on the part that you want to treat, it creates micro channels due to the microneedles that are pricking the skin and causing micro wounds or little damage. The body, after sensing that there’s a wound, will act on its natural process to repair it by producing the protein Collagen, so that you can get a renewed, healthier tissues and improved skin. Almost all skin-aging related problems need collagen to repair and cure it. Regular treatment of derma roller at home using the right and recommended microneedle size will treat these conditions to get that younger, scar-free, and healthier skin again!

Benefits of Derma Rolling to Skin

Many people are now becoming addicted to using derma rollers because of its multiple skin benefits. In fact, it can resolve multiple problems at the same time without spending a lot of money for separate treatments. Here are proven benefits of derma roller to your skin:

Increase absorption of your skincare products. When you apply any topical product on your skin, it cannot penetrate to the deep layers so the result takes a lot of time. When you use a derma roller, it works by opening up channels when the microneedles get in contact with the skin. Within an hour after you dermaroll, applying your skin care cream or serum will be enhanced because the channels allow the product to reach the deeper layers of the skin, thus, the product becomes more effective.

Reduce Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Crow’s Feet. Those visible lines in your forehead, under and side of your eyes, laugh lines, shallow lines in your cheek, and everywhere on your face can be a bit annoying since it makes you look older than your age. A derma roller can treat them by making the lines look less visible and gradually fade when used regularly. You will even get supple, plumped and healthy-looking skin.

Treats age spots and hyperpigmentation. Too much exposure to sun can make a deep impact and damage on your skin. Those black marks that appear on your skin and uneven skin tone, patches of brown or skin darkening can be unpleasant to sight. By using a derma roller, the excess production of melanin can be treated so you’ll get rid of these unwanted spots on your face. Paired with a serum or skin moisturizers, you will notice that your skin will get a brighter and healthier glow.

Reduce Appearance of Scars. If you have shallow and deep scars caused by acne, sun burn, scars caused by cuts, wounds, skin trauma, or anything that left mark on your skin- derma roller can help you treat it. Since scars are improper layering of collagen during the natural healing process, it shows a different appearance when the wounds heal. By dermarolling, this “skin mark” can be repaired by stimulating the production of collagen to form new tissues. When used regularly, your scars will improve its appearance and texture so it becomes less visible, and continuous treatment can make it gradually diminish. Also, if you are prone to having acne, it will help in improving your skin condition by cleaning your pores and allowing the medication to go deeply into the skin layers. You will notice that your oily face will improve and if your pores are open and becoming big, it can be minimized so it looks less visible and your skin is tighter.

Treats Stretch Marks and Cellulites. Some genetic framework and hormone-related issues can cause stretch marks and cellulites to many people. Stretch marks can be obtained from obesity or pregnancy; while cellulites may develop commonly to women due to build-up of fats. With regular treatment of derma roller, these problems can be resolved by promoting collagen production that will aid in making the skin elastic and renewed.

Makes skin firmer and tighter. If you have sagging skin, a derma roller can help you get back your skin’s elasticity. Not only collagen will be stimulated when you use a derma roller; but you can also stimulate elastin, which is responsible for making the skin flexible and resilient. If you will use the treatment regularly, you will get rid of loose or sagging skin.

Treatment of hair loss and for beard growth.  Clinical study shows that a derma roller is effective for   stimulating healthy and new hair growths. It triggers the human growth factor hormone so that anyone suffering from thinning hair, baldness, or hair damages can solve their problems. Also, it is helpful for men who want faster beard growth. It stimulates keratin for better, longer, thicker and fuller beard.

For fuller, plumped lips. The famous makeup sensation Michelle Phan showed in her YouTube video how she uses derma roller to plump her lips. So if you want to have naturally fuller, healthy lips, you can switch to derma roller instead of having fillers and injections for that pouty look.


Best Derma Roller Brand for All Skin Problems

Not all derma rollers are the same. You can get cheap brands that could have low quality and expensive brands that are very good in quality but not really affordable for some. And, there is an economical brand, yet surely effective and have a high standard quality for safe at-home treatment.

So, what are the characteristics of a good derma roller? A derma roller with a high quality has microneedles that do not easily bend, break and should be rust-resistant. Since we are dealing with our “skin” which is prone to sensitivity and damage, you have to get a derma roller that is made with high quality microneedles. Another pointer is, to get a brand that can provide reliable and pertinent information with proper guidelines on how you can use it. Some derma rollers can be purchased with hard-to-understand or confusing information in their leaflets or box inserts. Get one with a hard case for storage to make sure that it will not get contaminated and you can keep it hygienically after each use. Look for the money back guarantee policy so you can get a replacement in case the item is faulty and damaged.

Why Choose the Best At-Home Derma Rollers?

Choosing the best derma roller for at-home treatment will guarantee good results and safe usage. Checking and inspecting it before buying will be important so you don’t waste money and time while on treatment. However, it is not easy to do it when you are just researching from online shops.

Do you want the best derma roller brand for all your skin concerns? Here’s a brand that you can surely trust and rely on; our Rejuviss, Advanced Dermaroller System. It will bring healing and stimulate collagen production to treat your problematic skin. It is a complete set that comes with 4 different interchangeable roller heads that you can use for your face and body. It is made of high quality microneedles, yet affordable, and designed for each targeted areas:

12 Microneedles (1.00 mm) – This is proven safe for use on face or other body parts to reduce all kinds of scars. This is best for acne scars and treatment of deep stubborn scars.

240 Microneedles (0.5mm) – This is designed to be used for hard to reach areas such as on the eyes to reduce fine lines and crow’s feet, and wrinkles. This is good for sensitive areas of the face and neck, or scalp.

600 Microneedles (0.5mm) – This is used for the whole face area such as cheeks, chin, forehead or neck for the treatment of deeper fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and skin discolorations and pigmentations.

1200 Microneedles (0.5mm) – This is for body use to treat skin problems like stretch marks, reduce cellulites, wide area of body scars, and lighten skin pigmentations.

This comes with a disinfectant chamber so you can conveniently sterilise your roller heads. The storage box allows you to keep your derma roller set and protect it from any contamination from germs and bacteria build up. It is very easy to use and it is CE certified so you can rest assured of high quality and safety for when administered at home. You can get all the benefits of a derma roller when you choose this set. If you have different problems on face or other body parts, we recommend that you get this set so you can save and treat all your skin imperfections without excessive spending!

Recommended Microneedle Size for Home Use

The derma rollers come in different sizes of microneedles. The shortest size which is 0.2mm or 0.25mm can be used once or twice a week for transdermal absorption. However, it doesn’t stimulate massive amount of collagen needed to fix and treat moderate to severe cases of skin problems. The highly recommended size to be used at home is 0.5mm. It is the best microneedle size to be used at home and can treat almost all types of skin aging problems. Derma Roller 0.5mm can be used once to twice every 2 weeks. Please remember that it is important to keep a good schedule if you want to see visible results in little time. For 1.0mm size or our version of Dermapen, once every 2 weeks of use is advised to treat moderate to severe cases of deep or stubborn scars, stretch marks or cellulites. There are longer sizes like 1.5mm up to 3.0mm but they are not recommended for home use. Only trained professionals and dermatologist can use these needles due to the risks it comes with.

Precautions when Using Derma Roller:

Derma rollers should be used with caution because though they are low risk, improper use of the mircroneedle size can bring damage to your skin. Following the recommended schedule of use will bring great results without harming your skin. In our EXPERT GUIDE section, you can read everything about treating specific concern in a well-detailed article with all the information you need on how you can use the derma roller. Please be guided that if you have present skin conditions like the following, you MUST not use dermarolling:

  • Hypersensitive skin
  • Active breakouts, cystic acne or inflammation
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Open wounds, keloids and raised scars
  • Warts and moles
  • Fungal infection
  • Sunburn and freshly healed burns
  • Abnormal skin disease
  • Blood clotting related diseases or diabetes

You must sanitize your derma roller before and after using it. You have to soak it for 5-10 minutes in a disinfectant alcohol to avoid infection when the microneedles get in contact with your skin. Proper care for your derma roller is important so it can deliver the results it guarantees to bring. Always check the needles if they’re bended or broken. If you happen to see any of this, quickly discard your derma roller. Check for stains and rusts. Avoid using rusty needles as it can be very harmful and infection can quickly spread. Derma rollers are not for sharing and are intended only for personal use. They don’t also carry a long life span so it is highly recommended to change the roller heads after 3-4 uses. Microneedles get dull after several uses and it cannot be sharpened by using any device.

Titanium or Stainless Derma Roller:

Derma rollers are made of titanium or stainless microneedles. Both have pros and cons. The choice of what to get depends on the user’s preference and depends on the need of the user. Titanium is known for its durability and corrosion-resistant. If you get these microneedles, you can expect that it doesn’t break easily even if you accidentally break it. You will notice how strong it is particularly in the small sizes such as 0.2mm or 0.25mm. It rarely breaks or bends. The downside is, titanium derma rollers are not as sharp as those stainless steel microneedles. Since they are built for longevity, it is more of hard than sharp. Hence, it cannot penetrate deeply into the skin without the required sharpness so results can be slow. Another thing is titanium derma rollers are hard to clean. You have to take more efforts in cleaning them to make sure that they are sanitized properly before using. Titanium is not naturally sterile so it has to be cleaned thoroughly.

Stainless steel microneedles are made up of iron and chromium. Compared to titanium, stainless is much known for its hygienic purposes. It is easy to clean and sanitize. The needles are also sharp, which is very good for skin penetration. The only disadvantage is, it is not as strong as titanium. Needles can break or bend easily when you accidentally drop it.

So if you will ask which is better among the two, we highly suggest that you go for stainless steel derma rollers. If you are certainly busy and don’t have much time to spare for cleaning the derma roller, stainless steel needles are recommended for you.

Dermarolling is truly a wonderful beauty treatment. It is convenient, effective, economical and easy to use. If you are struggling to resolve your skin care problems, get a derma roller now and see the wonders it can do for your skin. One of the best derma roller brands that you can have now is REJUVISS!