Best Dermaroller For Hyperpigmentation

Do you have brown, red or black spots on your face?

Are there discolorations that you’ve been trying to lighten but do not go away?

Have you tried different treatments already but seems like nothing works?

We feel you and we can totally relate! Your skin can look dull with these spots and these patches usually takes long time to heal or cure.

Skin inflammation and too much sun exposure can leave you with dark patches called hyperpigmentation.

But hey, do you know that there’s a best dermaroller for hyperpigmentation? Let’s discuss how you can overcome this skin problem with dermarolling!

What is Hyperpigmentation?

The excess production of Melanin due to an increased level of hormone causes the skin to have spots or patches that looks darker than the surrounding skin.

It can cover small or large areas, and it can happen to any skin type.

There are 3 common types of hyperpigmentation:

  • MelasmaThe common causes of this brown or grey patches in skin are sun exposure, pregnancy hormones, stress, or thyroid disease.

    It can appear on any part of the face or tummy section (that’s why they refer to it as the mask of pregnancy) in large patch or size. Peels or topical creams are used traditionally to cure this.

  • Sun spotsThis is also called as “liver spots’, age spots, or patches caused by UV radiation from the sun.

    These brown or black spots are caused by too much melanin and due to the lack of collagen, these spots become more prominent and harder to remove over time. You can get it on your face and hands.

  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation- The most common type of aftermath of acne.

    A severe bout of acne can leave dark skin patches that are very hard to eliminate and causes deep scarring if not properly treated.

    When you pick on your acne or sunburn, it will leave you with these spots.


Using Dermaroller in Reducing Hyperpigmentation


Dermarolling or Microneedling, is a beauty treatment used to repair skin with scars, fine lines or even hyperpigmentation.

It is proven effective to stimulate new collagen production to regenerate fresh tissues.

As a result, the texture and appearance of the treated skin becomes smoother and lighter over time.

It uses a hand held device called a derma roller that consist of hundreds or thousands of microneedles.

Through dermarolling, you can effectively reduce any type of skin hyperpigmentation.

When a dermaroller is rolled onto the pigmented part, it stimulates the skin to produce new collagen and elastin which will move to the surface of our skin and overtime, replace the pigmented cells with new healthy cells.

As a result, your melasma and sun spots will become lighter and lighter over time.

With continuous derma rolling, the patches or blotches will lighten and tone up.

If you are using a skincare regimen for your skin pigmentation, the derma rolling will also increase the absorption of the topical serums and creams making them more effective.

For optimal absorption of topical serum post derma rolling, apply within 15 minutes after derma rolling.

Dermarolling works best in acne scarring or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The production of collagen in the scar area of the skin will allow it to regenerate softer tissues so the appearance of the scars will look lighter, smoother, and reduced over time.

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Results of Derma Rolling on Hyperpigmentation

Here’s a Before and After picture sent by one of our Rejuviss users. You can follow and check her on Instagram- @acneisntugly.

The dark marks on her thigh had been dermarolled and after 11 days, the marks were all gone.



If you would like to see more results from Rejuviss users, check our Instagram account- @Rejuviss- and see more video reviews and testimonials.

Benefits of Using Dermaroller for Skin Pigmentation

Diminish any form of hyperpigmentation. – Gradual healing of melasma, skin spots, and dark spots after a series of sessions. If you follow the recommended frequency of use, you will notice results after each session. It will reduce hyperpigmentation while your skin looks brighter. Over time, pigmented parts will go lighter, softer and soon, unnoticeable.

Smoother, glowing skin. – After one or two sessions, you will feel and see visible changes on your skin ‘s texture. It can give you a fresher look because you’ll notice a plumped and lifted skin.

Delay signs of aging. - Not only will the dermaroller cure hyperpigmentation, but it can also target other skin problems that you have. There are multiple benefits that you can get from dermarolling such as erasing fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, loose/sagging skin, or stretch marks.

Effective, yet economical. - Cosmetic procedures like laser therapies, chemical peels and microdermabrasion are expensive treatments. A dermaroller works the same as these treatments but will not cause you hundreds of dollars and can be re-used for up to 4 times.

Safe and convenient at-home treatment. - Using derma roller for hyperpigmentation is low risk and can be done at your most convenient time at home. Best of all, there’s no down time.


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What Size Dermaroller for Hyperpigmentation

The appropriate size of dermaroller for pigmentation is the Size 0.5mm or Size 1mm when doing it at home. Depending on the area/s to treat, the number of needles or the size of the roller head may vary. For targeted areas, a dermapen can be used.


How Often to Use Derma Roller for Hyperpigmentation at Home


The recommended frequency of use for dermaroller for skin pigmentation is ONCE A WEEK.

If you are a beginner, you can try derma rolling once every 2 weeks for the first 2 sessions to let your skin get used to derma rolling. After that, continue derma rolling once every week on the same day each week.

To achieve visible derma roller results hyperpigmentation, you must follow this 4-Direction technique:

For each section, complete dermarolling in 4 different directions as shown in the diagram below. Start by derma rolling up and down 4 times, followed by left and right 4 times, followed by diagonally top right to bottom left 4 times and lastly diagonally top left to bottom right 4 times. After that, you can move on to another section and do the same steps.


What Should You Do When You Have Hyperpigmentation?


There are other things to note when you are using derma roller for hyperpigmentation:


  1. Avoid sun exposure

Your skin is sensitive to sunlight so you must avoid the sunlight especially during the\ hours where the UV radiation is at its peak (10AM-4PM). Always wear sunblock with complete or at least SPF 30- 50 protection, zinc oxide, and broad spectrum. If you are going to stay outside for a long time, wear hat or anything that could block off sunlight. Apply every 2 hours or as often as needed.


  1. Use topical creams and serum

Since the dermaroller enhances the absorption of creams, skin lightening creams with ingredients like azelaic acid, kojic acid, tretinoin, vitamin c and hydroquinone are the best choices. For serum, choose one with vitamin c and hyaluronic acid for hydration, moisturization, and smoothening. If you want the natural approach, you can use aloe vera gel from the plant.

What’s the Best Dermaroller for Hyperpigmentation?


If you are looking for the best dermaroller for hyperpigmentation, we recommend that you choose Rejuviss 5-in1 Advanced Derma Roller System. You’ll get the following upon purchase of this popular set:


  • 1x 1200 Microneedles Derma Roller Head (For Body)
  • 1x 600 Microneedles Derma Roller Head (For Face)
  • 1x 240 Microneedles Derma Roller Head (For Eyes)
  • 1x 12 Microneedles Derma Roller Pen (For Targeted Areas)
  • 1x Derma Roller Handle
  • 1x Disinfection chamber
  • Free Storage Box

Here’s a little tip on what to use for the treatment of your hyperpigmentation:

The Rejuviss derma roller will give you faster and more visible results when paired with Rejuviss Advanced Antioxidant Serum. It contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and mix of botanical ingredients that will nourish and care for your hyperpigmented skin.

If you want to resolve hyperpigmentation on your skin, it is high time you try a derma roller! Not only will it cure your skin spots, but it will also make your skin look younger and healthy.

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