Derma Roller Changed My Life!

I enjoy running very much that I find myself spending long hours under the sun. I don’t mind the heat of the sun because I felt it was good to have the D vitamin while making myself fit. But one morning when I closely looked at the mirror, I noticed some black spots and my forehead lines were so visible! I literally didn’t move for a minute and decided I have to do something about it RIGHT AWAY! I went to my dermatologist, purchased the topical creams, and went home full of hopes. A few weeks went by and I don’t seem to notice any changes. I tried the laser treatment but I cannot continue because it was too expensive! It was really freaking me out and I felt it was useless to continue the skin care ritual I’ve been doing. I just wanted to get an immediate fix and face the world with pride again…

While browsing on my phone, I came across a derma roller shop and saw a picture with the same condition as mine; researched the internet about the derma roller functions and quickly ordered my first derma roller online. I followed the instructions carefully and after 3 sessions, I can already see some visible changes in the texture of my skin, so I just continued using it together with my favourite serum and after 12 weeks, I got a spotless face again!

For those eager to know how the derma roller treated my face, here’s what you need to know:

How does a derma roller work for photo damaged skin?

> Collagen is very essential to make skin beautiful and young looking. Too much sun exposure can break down the collagen in our skin and makes it dry and develop spots. By using a derma roller, it stimulates the production of collagen when you roll the wheeler head full of microneedles on your face. These needles prick your skin and create micro wounds that signal the body that it needs to repair it. This natural process of the body assist in producing collagen so the photo damaged skin can be treated. When you keep rolling during the recommended session, it gradually repairs your skin until you see no more traces of wrinkles and black spots.

How did I treat my photo damaged skin using a derma roller?

> After a thorough research, I decided to follow a schedule of every two weeks when using a derma roller on my face. In the first 4 sessions, I only do it twice a month. Then when my skin has finally adjusted to the treatment, I do it 3 times a month because I alternate the use of the derma roller and the dermapen. I just followed the right technique of rolling every small section of my face. Just follow the guide from the insert and roll gently and you will notice little improvements every session. As long as you use it regularly, you will continue to notice changes on your skin that it is healing.

What is the right size of derma roller for my face?

> I only followed the recommendation of using Size .5mm for home treatment because it is the safest. It is also effective in stimulating collagen for my face. I am afraid of infections and more skin damage so I did not use a 1.0mm though they say it is more effective. I switched to Rejuviss Advanced Dermaroller System because I used another brand before. I alternately use the 600 microneedles roller and the dermapen with 12 needles for my deep facial lines.

What skin care products did I use along with a derma roller?

> Sunscreen protection is a must so I put on sunscreen 2x a day, with SPF 50. I also use a Vitamin C serum after every session (actually I use it daily). I’ve read that derma roller can make the skin care product effective because it allows it to penetrate in the deep layers of skin. I try not to use harsh toners while on treatment. I just use a micellar water spray after I cleanse my face.

How soon did I see results?

> I started seeing great changes after 3-4 sessions, and I saw awesome changes after 3 months of use. I guess it depends on how your skin reacts to the treatment but in my case, I think it worked really well. Just a reminder, you must get a good derma roller because the cheaper one that I tried before breaks easily.




Derma roller has really changed my life and I use it for maintaining a good skin. For me, it is the best treatment ever invented because it is very practical and easy to do. I always get excited to do the rolling! If you also have problems with your skin, try the derma roller and you’ll surely won’t regret it. I promise!