Derma Roller Size for Deep Acne Scars

Deep Acne scars can be so daunting. But guess what? There is a derma roller size for deep acne scars that can help your skin recover to get your healthy glow back! With proper treatment, deep acne scars can be reduced if not totally eliminated, improve its appearance or texture, and even out to look like your skin color. Interested? Read on!

What Is Considered Deep Acne Scars?

Deep acne scars are caused by a deep break in the wall of the skin’s pores. The skin tries its best to repair once a skin inflammation subsides. However, the repair cannot produce the same texture of the skin as before. There are two types of deep acne scars:

  1. Atrophic (Depressed Scarring) When there is too much loss of tissue in the skin, this type of scarring develops. These are what we commonly hear as “Icepick scars” and “Boxcar scars.” They are very obvious because of the holes, dents, or hollows that it can create on the surface of the skin. The shape is round or oval with sharply angled sides.

2. Hypertrophic (Keloid Scarring)
This is the type of deep acne scars that shows a raised surface because of the irregular fibrous tissues that were formed when the body produced too much collagen during the repair.

How Does a Simple Acne Scar Turn into a Deep Scar?

A simple acne mark can turn into a deep scar if you do not treat the cause of it- your acne. If you pop or squeeze a pimple, it produces great damage to skin. The severe the condition is, the deeper the scar will be.

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Different types of skin inflammation like lesion, papule, pimple or cystic acne cause a deep rupture and when the infection or the material surfaced and spill out, it tears down the original skin and creates a mark that we call scars. Hence, it is very important to treat acne as soon as it shows up or develops.

An untreated superficial scar can soon turn to a deep scar. When you reach the stage of puberty, your skin starts to become problematic, specially if you do not maintain a good hygience or proper skin care regimen. If you are an adult suffering from cystic acne, the chances of developing deep acnes scars are big. You need to seek help from your dermatolgist because treating cystic involves doctor-only prescribed medication that comes with risks and side effects.

Deep Acne Scarring on Adults

Certain factors cause deep acne scars in adults. Hormonal imbalance brings hormonal acne called Acne Vulgaris. This condition happens when there’s too much androgen level in the body, commonly known as testosterone. It triggers the sebum to become very active, inflamed, and spread bacteria that causes acne to form.

A woman diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) causes irregular periods, acne, and excess hairs. This condition contributes to different skin problems that take time to heal or recover. It produces very painful cystic acne, and since the inflammation is more in-depth, it leaves a visible scar and open pores once it heals.

Some medications contribute to acne formation in adults. If you are emotionally or physically stressed, allergic to ingredients found in skincare without you knowing it, exposed in pollution or you have vitamin deficiencies, acne can be uncontrollable. Lifestyle is a big factor in adult acne.

As explained earlier, if you do not treat the acne right away, it will form scarring and skin patches or discolorations. If you cannot control yourself from pricking or extracting the cysts on your own, it will dig a hole on your skin and leave visible, boxed marks.

If you suffer from adult acne scarring, you must get a deep acne scars treatment that is suitable for your skin type.

Treatment and Remedies for Deep Acne Scars

Deep acne scars treatment in the clinic can be very expensive. This can include chemical peeling sessions, dermabrasion procedures, or laser treatment and skin resurfacing treatments done by licensed dermatologists.  

Usually, undergoing deep acne scar removal procedures will require more than one or two sessions. The results will vary on the skin type of the patient and it requires long recovery period.

The dermatologist needs to assess the skin type and history of the patient’s condition before starting a treatment that begins with treating the acne before addressing the scars. Apparently, any acne treatment can take several months before you can see dramatic results.

Nowadays, many clients are switching to home treatments like using a derma roller for severe acne scars. Derma rolling is proven safe and effective for healing facial scars caused by skin inflammation and cystic acne. It repairs the skin by boosting natural collagen production so the scar’s texture will improve its appearance in no time.

What is Derma Rolling?

Derma Rolling uses a hand-held device called a derma roller that is made up of hundreds or thousands of microneedles that you roll onto the surface of the skin. As you roll, it creates very tiny punctures that signals the skin that it needs to produce new collagen and repair the skin.

Collagen and elastin play a very important role to our skin to keep it supple, healthy, and smooth. As we age, the production of collagen declines and the signs of aging become visible to skin. By derma rolling deep acne scars, it allows the skin to recover and heal. As a result, your acne scars will slowly fade and become lighter, improves its appearance, and plumps the skin so it will become superficial and softer.

Derma rolling have great advantages to skin in removing wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, discolorations and hyperpigmentation. When derma rolling deep acne scars, the skin is stimulated to produce new collagen and elastin that will improve the scar’s appearance after continuous sessions.

Advantages of Using Derma Roller on Deep Scars

The small, dark or red marks that you see when an acne is healed usually fades after exfoliation or using scar creams. However, in the case of atrophic scarring caused by severe acne, your face can be left with icepick, boxcars or rolling scars that TAKES YEARS to treat. Or worst, it stays forever if you do not treat it!

But, fret not! The good news is, derma rolling deep acne scars can rescue your skin! Here’s why:

Whenever you roll those needles onto your skin, it breaks down the collagen on the skin’s upper layer called dermis, and aids in the repair by producing more collagen. The more you do it consistently, more collagen is produced. You will notice how the skin gets plumped and improved over time. The texture of the skin will gradually change and the scar tissues will look softer.

Although a laser treatment is still more effective, bear in mind that this treatment has a downtime of at least 1 week, and some with sensitive skin types need 2 weeks to heal and recover. Plus, the price of each session can break your bank! If you choose a derma roller, you can save a lot of money and can do it comfortably at home. Derma rolling doesn’t have a downtime at all!

Derma roller guarantees a slow but sure healing process. Not only would it heal your scars, but it will also address other skin imperfections that comes with aging. If you are using other skincare regimen, derma rolling will enhance the absorption of these topical products such as serums and creams. After each session of derma rolling, it allows these products to reach and penetrate the deep layers, thus making it more effective!

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What Size of Derma Roller is Used for Best Results?

Once you have decided that you want to try derma rolling, you now need to get a derma roller size for deep acne scars. Derma roller sizes can come from 0.2mm up to 2.0mm. Each size will address different skin problems. But the following sizes are best for HOME USE only:

Size 0.5 - 1.5mm

These are the best derma roller sizes that can be used at home. For first timers, a derma roller size of 0.5mm microneedles is the number 1 choice because it can effectively solve the following skin problems of mild cases:

  • Shallow Acne Scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin Discoloration
  • Age Spots
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Loose/Sagging Skin
  • Hair Loss
  • Stretch Marks
  • Cellulites

Size 1.0 - 1.5mm

For deep acne scars, these sizes are recommended. You must also use it with caution and be mindful not to exceed the recommended frequency of use. You can feel some pain with these sizes, and if you have a low pain tolerance, a numbing cream can help. You can use it on your face or other skin parts but make sure not to roll it forcibly.

How Often to Derma Roll for Deep Acne Scars?

The recommended frequency of use is once a week for deep acne scarring. It is highly advisable to let your active acne subside and heal.

Rejuviss 5-in-1 Derma Roller System comes with a slim, thin and narrow derma roller head with 240 microneedles which is safe to use since you can easily maneuver and roll only on the parts with scars. You can derma roll the parts that are acne-free but please be very careful in avoiding active acnes. Avoid open wounds, raised cars and warts/moles.

If you do not have active acne and are just looking to treat acne scars, you can use the 600 microneedle derma roller to derma roll your face. For treating deeper scars, use the 12 microneedle derma-stamp/pen to treat targeted areas.

How to Use the Derma Roller for Deep Acne Scars?

For best results, kindly follow the following steps:

  1. Sanitize and clean your derma roller.
    You must sanitize your derma roller by soaking it for 5-10minutes using a disinfectant alcohol. Clean the handles by wiping them using a wet cloth with an alcohol.
  2. Make small sections.
    Before you start derma rolling, divide the area into small sections of about a quarter of your palm size. It is always recommended to derma roll section by section to fully cover the desired area to be treated.
  3. Use the 4-direction technique (refer to diagram below).
    For each section, complete derma rolling in 4 different directions as shown in the diagram below. Then, derma roll up and down 4 times, followed by left and right 4 times, followed by diagonally top right to bottom left 4 times and lastly diagonally top left to bottom right 4 times. After that, you can move on to another section and do the same steps.
  4. Sanitize AGAIN and clean your derma roller.
    You must sanitize your derma roller by soaking it for 5-10minutes using a disinfectant alcohol, let it air dry, and keep in the storage box.

What Serum to Use After Derma Rolling?

Ideally, a Vitamin-C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum is recommended to use after derma rolling. It is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates new collagen production, so you’ll get brighter and firmer skin. It also aids to hasten the healing process when the skin is wounded.

Now, Rejuviss formulated its very own derma rolling serum that can be used for face, eyes, neck and body. It consist of premium botanical hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Green Tea and 13 other botanical ingredients that your skin will love.

This unique blend of plant-based formulation eliminates skin allergies and damage while nourishing your skin during repair. The Hyaluronic acid found in this serum will provide maximum hydration because it is called the “moisture-binding ingredient” that locks up water that is very important in keeping your skin healthy for 24 hours.

Here’s what makes it potent:

  • Advanced antioxidant formula to reduce appearance of scars, fine lines & dull skin.
  • Perfect non-greasy moisturizer for Accutane users.
  • Antioxidant power of Vitamin C & Vitamin E
  • Botanical Hyaluronic Acid instantly hydrates skin
  • Unique blend of 16 botanical ingredients
  • Formulated with zero nasties, only goodies.
  • Proudly made in USA.

How Soon Can You See Results?    

Ideally, you can see results in as early as 1 week or after your first session. Please note that results can vary from one person to another. Depending on the skin’s response to treatment, derma rolling deep acne scars will give you dramatic results after 1 to 3 months of continuous use.

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