Hollywood Celebrities Who Got Obsessed with Dermarolling

The big stars of Hollywood were not afraid of pricking needles on their skin to stay beautiful! Because of the effectiveness of this simple yet old-style (yes, microneedling has been used for decades!) beauty treatment, women in all walks of life became passionate in keeping their skin young-looking and glowing. The derma roller is proven safe to treat many skin problems with just a fraction of the cost of the high-end beauty treatments that are available nowadays.

A lot of derma roller users will attest that this convenient and safe at-home treatment beauty tool can deliver great results in treating skin-aging and acne-related problems. No wonder these Hollywood stars shared their experience and compliment derma roller as an indispensable skin-care alternative for different purposes.

Let’s reveal these stars that are fans of dermarolling!

1. Kim Kardashian- You bet! The Instagram fans have gone wild when they saw the photo that she posted and called it as a “vampire facial”. This Kardashian-approved beauty treatment encouraged a lot of women to try derma roller who suffer from acne scarring, uneven skin tone and rough skin texture, and to reverse the signs of aging.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow- Though she prefers a dermapen over a traditional derma roller, she still would go for this treatment to maintain her you-do-not-age look. She also uses a Vitamin A and C serum for her skin ritual. Many women who thought that derma roller can just ruin their skin actually got the courage to try this beauty treatment and were never disappointed after trying them. So if you want to look young forever start derma rolling now!

3. Jennifer Anniston- Who would not adore this icon of beauty and sophistication? She even urges the audience in one of her interviews to try derma roller because it does magic and give skin so many benefits. True enough, you can see in her face that wonderful glow even in her no-makeup appearance. So if you want to maintain a spotless and radiant look, try this safe and effective treatment even at the comfort of your home!

4. Naomi Watts- According to a source, Gwyneth and Naomi books the same aesthetician. If you think that needles can make you scream, well, Naomi can even make a great nap in her session! If you had those traditional facials with ouchy pricking, you will appreciate derma rolling because the microneedles do not really cause bleeding and bruises (unless you use the longer ones which are not recommended for home use).

5. Ellen Degeneres- She was proud and happy when she told about her experience of using this beauty tool. Look at her face and you will really wonder how she’s been so lucky to have that smooth, young-looking, stress-free skin! She really knows how to use it well and what it can do for her skin.

6. Angelina Jolie- Oh, Angelina! Her divine and insta-worthy face is a total envy for many. She is not a fan of plastic surgery and to keep her skin beautiful, she uses a derma roller for one of her beauty rituals. Certainly, derma roller can work the same thing as a surgery does in a gradual, slowly-but-surely way!

Are you inspired by these stars? It’s time to change your skin care that seems to take forever before you get a result. Try derma roller now and see what magic it can do for your skin…