How To Clean Derma Roller Properly

Do you own a derma roller? You may be interested to learn on how to clean derma roller properly so you’ll get the most out of it in each session of treatment. Read up to the bottom so you’ll know more about this wonderful beauty tool.

A Derma Roller is today’s answer to treat skin imperfections. You have probably heard of it containing hundreds or thousands of microneedles; then you roll it onto your skin where you see problems like wrinkles, age spots, acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, big pores and dry, dull skin. Your skin needs collagen to stay healthy and beautiful. With regular use of derma roller, it stimulates the body in producing collagen via natural healing process so the damaged part can be repaired and you can say goodbye to your annoying skin problems!

What are the Parts of a Derma Roller?

The Derma Roller head is the wheeler part where the microneedles are placed. This could be anywhere from 12 to 1200 needles . The purpose of the microneedles variation is to cover small or big sections of facial and body parts. The Derma Roller handle is what holds the head and what you hold when rolling. Some derma rollers have interchangeable heads and you just have to twist and turn the handle to replace the head.

Uses of a Derma Roller:

1. A derma roller is used to treat a variety of skin imperfections caused by sun damage and natural skin-aging process. It can treat fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles on face and neck, dark spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation, loose and sagging skin.

2. It can treat hormonal-related skin problems like acne, as well as scarring caused by long-term inflammation, shallow and deep scars caused by skin trauma, cellulites, stretch marks and open or big pores caused by oily or acne-prone skin. It can give brightness to dull and stressed-looking skin.

3. It can trigger the Human Growth Factor hormone for hair growth to address baldness, hair thinning and scalp damage. It is also effective in stimulating collagen and keratin for beard growth in men.

4. It boosts the absorption of skin care products to make it more potent for the skin. It enhances the dermarolling treatment and allows deeper penetration of the skin care ingredients, instead of just getting it stuck on the surface.

5. It is used by women to have fuller and plumper lips.

Sizes of Derma Roller Microneedles:

Size 0.2 – 0.3mm – these sizes are good for transdermal absorption, meaning it can boost the absorption of topical creams or serums and other skin care regimen products.

Size 0.5mm – the best derma roller size for safe at-home treatment of mild to moderate cases of skin problems and can stimulate collagen production to get a better and healthier appearance on skin’s texture

Size 1.0mm- this is perfect for moderate to severe cases of scarring when you had deep scars due to acne inflammation, stretch marks, cellulites, or burns.

Size 1.5mm – 3.0mm- these sizes are used by trained professionals or dermatologists for deeper skin penetration. Usage of these microneedles requires a numbing cream due to inconvenience and pain during treatment. This is not safe and not recommended for home use.

How to Clean a Derma Roller :

Cleaning your derma roller is required before and after use. Whenever you use it, it gets in contact with dirt or bacteria from your skin that can cause infection. Before you perform any treatment, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Sterilise the derma roller BEFORE using it with a disinfectant alcohol. The alcohol will kill the bacteria that can infect your skin. You can use any from 70-90% rubbing, ethanol, or isopropyl alcohol. You get a container where you can soak the whole roller head part with the alcohol. If your derma roller comes with a disinfectant chamber, wipe it first then fill it with alcohol and soak the roller head for 5-10 minutes.

Note: If you will perform several treatments with different roller head sizes ( e.g. wrinkles and stretch marks), you can disinfect the other roller while dermarolling with the other size. But, do not use the same alcohol you used with the first one. Pour a new one for another derma roller head.

Another option to clean your derma roller is to rinse it in running water . Or, you can mix a few drops of your dishwashing liquid and clean water. However, this will not disinfect the derma roller. It will just rid of dirt or in some cases blood that surfaced out during the pricking. You still need to soak it in the alcohol after rinsing.

NEVER use the following liquid to sterilise your derma roller:

- Anything with bleaching ingredient

- Boiling water

- Mouthwash

Aside from isopropyl alcohol, you can also use Hydrogen Peroxide, denture tablets or Dettol liquid antiseptic to disinfect your derma roller. Just submerge it in the solution for 5-10 minutes. There is already an available Sterilizer spray for derma rollers that you can purchase which contains ethanol, isopropyl and glycol to kill any bacteria but they are a little expensive.

Step 2: Let it air dry. Wiping it with a cloth or tissue is not recommended since the fibers could get into the microneedles and then get into your skin once you start rolling. Using a hair dryer is also not advisable as there are accumulated germs from the blower that can cause bacterial iinfection to your skin.

Step 3: Disinfect the handle. Wipe the handle part of your derma roller with a clean damp cloth with alcohol.

Step 4. Sterilise again AFTER using and finishing your derma roller session. Repeat step #1 and step #2 . Once dry, you can put it back in the storage container.

How to Take Care of Your Derma Roller

  • Do Not use boiling water to clean your derma roller because it can melt or damage the microneedles.
  • Do Not expose your derma roller in germs by leaving it in open spaces or dirty surface where it can be contaminated. Always make sure you put it back in its storage or container box AFTER using it.
  • Do Not drop the derma roller because the microneedles are fragile.
  • Do Not roll it agressively on your skin. If the wheeler doesn’t roll quickly, it could have been damaged. Please discard it.


SAFETY REMINDER: Do not use the derma roller if the needles are bended, broken or rusty. It will damage your skin and cause infection.

What's the Best Derma Roller?

The best derma rollers are not just the expensive ones or popular brands but those that have high quality that can perform its functions. With so many choices available in the market, you can purchase cheap derma rollers but if you don’t inspect them carefully, you cannot get the results you are expecting. A cheap derma roller with low quality has microneedles that are so dull and easily breaks.

If you are looking for a trusted, premium brand of derma roller, our Advanced Dermaroller System, REJUVISS, will be the best choice because it is affordable yet, of high quality that can be used to any part of your body that needs treatment. It comes with a disinfection container where you can sanitize your derma roller heads, and a sealed container for storage. It includes four interchangeable roller heads with these sizes:

  • 12 Microneedles (1.00 mm) - to be used on face to reduce all kinds of scars. This is best for acne scars and treatment of deep stubborn scars.
  • 240 Microneedles (0.5mm)- designed to be used for hard to reach areas such as on the eyes to reduce fine lines and crow’s feet
  • 600 Microneedles (0.5mm) – used for the whole face area such as cheeks, chin, forehead or neck for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, hair growth and loss, skin discolorations and pigmentations.
  • 1200 Microneedles (0.5mm)- for body use to treat skin problems like stretch marks, reduce cellulites, and lighten skin pigmentations

This is how you properly put the derma roller heads in the disinfection chamber of Rejuviss set. You can put it with or without the handle.

Caring for your derma roller is very important as you are dealing with your skin. Any type of needle can easily transfer infection to blood and skin when used improperly. Also, NEVER ever share your derma roller to anyone. It is only designed for personal use. Lending it to someone will cause you more problems in the long run. So always follow the steps on how to clean your derma roller properly and rest assured you will get all its benefits with amazing results!