How to Dermaroller Beard for Faster Hair Growth

Do you know that you can dermaroller beard for faster hair growth? Dermarolling can cause facial hair stimulation to help you grow your beard if you think that there’s less or no growth happening at all after trying several beard care and growers.

Dermarolling uses a beauty device called a dermaroller to which the head is made up of a wheel full of hundreds up to thousands of microneedles, with sizes ranging from 0.2mm-3.0mm. When it is rolled on the skin’s surface, it injures the skin with is called as micro wounds. This signals the body to perform the natural healing process by producing collagen. Collagen is what makes the skin looking young and healthy. It is naturally produced by the body but as we age, the supply decreases. Thus, the ability of the skin to heal itself is not as good as when we are younger; thus, signs of aging appear in the skin like fine lines and wrinkles, skin dehydration, hyperpigmentation and age spots.

In terms of hair growth, the Human Growth Factor is triggered when using a dermaroller. This hormone is responsible for producing hair cells. That is why dermarolling is effective for hair loss issues like hair thinning, baldness, hair fall and even scalp damages.

Here is the list of benefits you can have when using a dermaroller to grow your beard:

1. Stimulates the production of keratin in men. When the microneedles prick the skin where your beard grows, the response of the body is to heal and repair the small wounds, so the production of collagen is stimulated as well as the production of excessive amount of keratin to heal the damaged area. These two amazing proteins will stimulate facial hair growths in men.

2. Stimulates collagen for healthy hair follicles. Without collagen, the hair cannot stay healthy. A lot of this protein is needed to maintain strong hair follicles. Since the main advantage of dermaroller to skin is to produce massive amounts of collagen, the hair follicle will greatly benefit on this.

3. Longer and thicker hair growth. When used on beard, a dermaroller will produce new hair growths that are better and improved in texture. The new hairs are fuller, stronger, don’t break easily, and increased in volume.

4. Makes your beard care product more potent. One of the benefits of dermarolling is to boost the absorption of skin care products. If you are using beard care growers, it will be more effective because the formula can be absorbed through the deep layers of your skin when you apply it after using a derma roller.

5. No more thin and feathery beard. A wispy and thin beard is really annoying for most men. With regular use of a dermaroller, the beard will not grow patchy and inadequate. You will save money from buying expensive beard grower products.

6. Convenient, affordable and effective. It only takes around 5 minutes to finish a complete session. You can do it anytime at the comfort of your home without spending too much. Dermarollers are not only used on beard areas, but you can also use it in other facial parts where signs of aging are showing.

Looking at the photo below, the left side shows his beard and facial hair growth before using the dermaroller; and on the right side is the result after dermarolling treatment. As you can notice, the facial hair growth is way better than the natural growth.

How to Dermaroller Beard for Faster Hair Growth

It is easy to use a dermaroller to grow your beard. Just follow this specific technique for faster results.

  • Make small sections first. Before you start dermarolling, divide the area into small sections of about a quarter of your palm size. It is always recommended to derma roll section by section to fully cover the desired area to be treated.
  • Use the 4-direction technique. In each section, complete dermarolling in 4 different directions as shown in the diagram below. Start to derma roll up and down 4 times, then followed by left and right 4 times, next by diagonally top right to bottom left 4 times and lastly diagonally top left to bottom right 4 times. After that, you can move on to another section and do the same steps.

What are the Proper Steps in Dermarolling?

Step #1: Sanitize your derma roller by soaking the roller head into an isopropyl or disinfectant alcohol. You must leave it there for 5 to 10minutes.

Step #2. Cleanse your face thoroughly. You should cleanse the area to be treated with a mild cleanser to avoid infection when the skin gets in contact with the microneedles. Taking a quick shower will remove the excess oil, dirt, and residues on your face.

Step #3. Get the Size 0.5mm dermaroller. This is the highly recommended size of microneedle for home treatments and for stimulation of collagen for your beard growth. You can opt to choose a dermapen with 1.0mm size but anything longer than that is not advisable.

Step #4. Follow the technique. Refer to the instruction above on how to properly roll your dermaroller. Always roll gently and not aggressively.

Step #5. Apply your beard care product. You can apply a serum or essential oil after dermarolling on the treated area to enhance the efficacy as it gets absorbed by the skin to the deeper layers.

Step #6. Always sanitize your dermaroller after use. Soak your dermaroller again for 5-10 minutes in a disinfectant alcohol. Let it air dry before you put it back to the storage container. This is the proper way to take care of your dermaroller and to avoid getting infection from the microneedles.

Important Reminders when Dermarolling Beard:

  • Check for damages. Do no use a dermaroller with bended or broken microneedles to avoid scarring. Check for rusts or stains and immediately discard if there are.
  • Allow the skin rest. You cannot wet your face after treatment so better do it at night before going to bed. Please wait for at least 10-12 hours before you wash it.
  • One dermaroller, one user. Do not share your dermaroller with anyone for safety and hygienic reasons.
  • Replace your dermarollers. It is advisable to replace your dermarollers after 3-4 uses. Using it for a long time will not give you a consistent good result.

Products that can Enhance Beard Growth:

Beard Shampoo or Soap- this is specially made products for beards to maintain strong, healthy, and well-cleansed hair. It gently cleanses your beard just as how your regular shampoo and soap do to your hair and skin. Choose the brand with paraben-free and without synthetic fragrance.

Beard Oil- The oil hydrates the skin and the beard to keep it in good condition. It is usually applied in the morning after washing, or when the pores are open so it will be quickly absorbed. Common ingredients found in these oils are jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and argan oil- these oils are essential to maintain flake-free, shiny and fragrant beard.

Beard Balm- This is used to moisturize the beard to make it easier to style. The common ingredients in a balm are shea butter, almond oil and beeswax- it can make the beard grow fuller and because they are all natural ingredients, it will less likely irritate your skin.

Serum- A facial serum can also be used to promote collagen production to the skin underneath your beard. If you wish to see quick results while dermarolling, apply a serum with a formula containing Vitamin C and E + Hyaluronic Acid. Vitamin C can heal and repair skin, while Vitamin E moisturizes and protects, and lastly, Hyaluronic Acid or HA can hold and bind the moisture throughout the day for a healthy-looking, full, and thick beard.

Best Dermaroller for Beard

The best dermaroller for beard is the one with the microneedle size of 0.5mm. It is safe for home use and can stimulate the production of keratin, human growth factor, collagen and elastin for hair growth. You can safely use it for 1-2 times every 2 weeks without side effects.

Getting a high quality dermaroller will guarantee you with successful results. If you buy very cheap and low quality derma rollers, you will not get the desired effect you are expecting because more often than not, their needles break easily and get dull after one use.

If you are looking for a very good brand of dermaroller, our Advanced Dermaroller System, REJUVISS, will be the best choice because you will get a set of high quality dermarollers that can be used not only for your beard hair growth but to almost any part of your body that needs treatment. It comes with a disinfection container where you can sanitize your dermaroller heads, and a sealed container for storage. It includes four interchangeable roller heads with these sizes:

  • 12 Microneedles (1.00 mm) - to be used on face to reduce all kinds of scars. This is best for acne scars and treatment of deep stubborn scars.
  • 240 Microneedles (0.5mm)- designed to be used for hard to reach areas such as on the eyes to reduce fine lines and crow’s feet
  • 600 Microneedles (0.5mm) – used for the whole face area such as cheeks, chin, forehead or neck for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, hair growth and loss, skin discolorations and pigmentations.
  • 1200 Microneedles (0.5mm)- for body use to treat skin problems like stretch marks, reduce cellulites, and lighten skin pigmentations

The 600 Microneedles (0.5mm) can be safely used for your beard hair growth once or twice every 2 weeks. You can set a fixed day for your schedule so you wont forget and skip your session. Here's a schedule you can follow:

Important Note: If you want to use the 1.0mm Dermapen, you can do so provided you will use it for only ONCE a week.

If you think that Dermaroller is just for women, then you are completely wrong. This amazing beauty tool can do wonders for your skin problems and hair growth concerns. For faster results, you need to carefully follow the instructions in this guideline. The response of the skin to this treatment may vary per individual. Regular use will give you increased facial hair growth that is thicker and fuller. If you want to save time and money buying expensive hair grower solutions for your beard, try the dermaroller now and you will never regret it!