No Kidding, Dermarolling Eyebrows Really Works!

When I first heard about derma rollers, it was really shocking because they say it is full of tiny needles that you need to prick on your skin. I wonder if it really works because I thought it is more damage-prone than a skin-correcting beauty tool. But when I learned that my fave star Jennifer Aniston became a fan of this treatment, I immediately ordered a set for myself and tried it on.

I do not have much of those skin-aging problems so I want to focus my review on how I discovered it in helping me grow my eyebrows. Since I have these patchy eyebrows, I used a lot of hair grower oils but none of them seem to work consistently. I still end up spending longer time fixing my eyebrows so it will look like I have full and thick ones (because I look like Monalisa without an eyebrow makeup). Let me share with you how a derma roller helped me.

How can a derma roller help in growing eyebrow hairs?

- a derma roller can give you hair growths because once you roll it onto your eyebrow skin, it stimulates the hair follicles and triggers the production of healthy, new hair cells. If you have over plucked, thin, or patchy eyebrows, a derma roller can help you grow hair quickly.

How do I use a derma roller?

- I use a size 0.5mm with 240 microneedles for my eyebrows. That size is safe for areas around the eyes. I sterilize it first by soaking it in an alcohol for 10 minutes and make sure I have a clean face. Then I divide my eyebrow area into 2 small sections; the left and the right. Then , I roll using these directions- First up and down 4 times, next is  left and right 4 times, then diagonally top right to bottom left 4 times and lastly diagonally top left to bottom right 4 times.

How often shouls I dermaroll my eyebrows?

- I do it once every two weeks.

Do I put on anything on my eyebrows after using a derma roller?

- I use different natural oils like castor oil, coconut oil, petroleum jelly, aloe vera and a facial serum. I know that when you are using a derma roller, it makes the absorption of skin care products more effective. I love putting oils and serum because the hair growths become thicker and blacker. There are times that I need to do plucking or threading to give shape to my eyebrows. The oils lessen the irritation and redness.

Are there any side effects when using a derma roller on eyebrows?

- I did not encounter any side effects except that it stings on my first time of use. I also find it convenient to put some ice first to numb my eyebrows before derma rolling. I can finish the session within 5 minutes and I don’t get any bleeding. The only time you will see redness or irritation is when you use a longer size of needle like 1.0mm and above because they are not recommended for home use.


I’ve never been this happy with my eyebrows! After 4 sessions, I saw great results already. Derma roller is very convenient and affordable that I can’t live without it! It is now a regular part of my skin care regimen not only for having spotless and healthier-looking skin, but for thicker and fuller eyebrows too. So for those who wish to have beautiful eyebrows with new hair growths, try it with a derma roller now.

Before: Patchy, Uneven & Hard to Shape Brows

After: resulth on 4th session

Growing longer and starting to fill patchy and uneven spaces.

After: Fuller, Blacker & Easier to Shape