Understanding Derma Roller Side Effects

Is derma roller causing side effects? Some people think that just because a derma roller uses needles to treat the skin, then it is painful and fears that their skin would be more damaged. In this article, we will explain and answer common questions about derma roller side effects.

Dermarolling has helped a lot of people in getting back a youthful and healthier skin. It uses a hand held beauty device that is full of microneedles- ranging from size 0.2mm up to 1.0mm for home use, by means of rolling on the skin’s surface with a proper technique. These needles will prick the skin within acceptable depths, causing to form small injuries and opening up channels. The body will act on this since it thinks it should repair the wound. This natural healing process will help in producing massive amounts of collagen which is important in repairing skin damage.

There are larger microneedles sizes like 1.5mm up to 3.0mm, but these derma rollers are not suitable for home use. Due to the risks involved in using these needles, only trained aestheticians and dermatologists can perform this treatment. An anaesthetic is applied on the area especially if 3.0mm will be used because of the pain associated with this length. The effectiveness of this treatment will depend on your commitment to follow the recommended schedule, as well as using the right needle sizes for any specific skin issue.

Do I Get Benefits from Using a Derma Roller Regularly?

Certainly! A derma roller, when used regularly, will provide you with lasting effect of great skin and improved appearance on scars, stretch marks and cellulites. Signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, age spots, loose and sagging skin can be treated with it to make it less visible and diminish over time. If you suffered from acne and later on got scars on your face, whether shallow or deep, can be treated using a derma roller. If you have acne prone skin and annoyed by oily face and big, open pores, then you can get a refined, young-looking and healthy skin in no time. If you have thinning hair, damaged scalp, receding hairline or visible baldness, you can shift to this treatment and see healthy new hair growths. It is also helpful for men who wishes to have fuller, thicker and volumized beard growth. Lastly, for plumper and fuller lips without the fillers and injection- derma roller is your best option.

What to Expect from Derma Roller Treatment?

In every beauty treatment, there are always pros and cons. This is because not everyone has the same skin type and results may vary from each user. The commitment to stay with your treatment as well as how you follow the instructions and precautions will determine the results you will get. When using a derma roller, you have to expect that you have to change it after a few uses, typically after 3-4 sessions. This is because the roller heads have little life span and the needles get dull and blunt. The skin penetration will not be effective when you keep using the same derma roller for a long time.

What's the Right Size of Derma Roller for Effective Treatment?

If you want to have faster results, you have to use the right size of microneedles on your derma roller. In this table below, you can use the size recommended for each type of skin problem.

If it is your first time to use a derma roller, starting with 0.5mm is the ideal size. It is safe to be used in treating various skin problems without having to worry of any side effects on your skin. As long as you follow the instructions and the precautions, you can expect a satisfying outcome after a few weeks of continuous treatment.

When Should I See Results ?

This is one of the questions every person wants to be answered when trying a new beauty treatment. Derma roller may look as a simple beauty device but without the right knowledge and information on how to use it may not give you an optimum result.

Typically, results can be seen in an early as 2 weeks or at least after 3-4 sessions. The response of the skin to the treatment varies from person to person and the severity of the condition. If you are treating old, stubborn and deep scars, stretch marks or cellulites, it may take a longer time like 12 weeks before you see remarkable results. However, you will notice that your skin texture and appearance is changing and improving after every session. If you have dry, dull and soggy skin, you will see that your skin will get brighter and glowing. If you are using topical skin care products, the potency is significantly enhanced due to the ability of the derma roller to open up channels to allow product absorption in the deeper layers of skin.

What are the Derma Roller Side Effects?

If you are worrying because it seems rolling needles on your skin is too aggressive, fret not! Derma roller has been developed several years ago and clinical studies have been made to prove its effectiveness. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, to name a few have tried and on this treatment to maintain their younger-looking skin.

Normally, dermarolling should not give any adverse effects when administered at home using the recommended 0.5mm size. The only time it will react on your skin is when you accidentally did the following:

- using a derma roller without properly sanitizing it

- using broken and bended microneedles

- using someone else’s derma roller

- using it more than the recommended frequency

- using a worn-out derma roller

- applying skin care products that have strong or peeling contents after dermarolling

The following side effects can happen if you do not use the derma roller properly:

  • Skin Redness- This is a normal reaction when using a derma roller. After a few hours, the redness should disappear. Some people have very sensitive skin and may take longer before the redness subsides. Also, skin care products can aggravate the redness specifically those that have peeling or exfoliation effect. It should not be used right after derma rolling and you should allow your skin to recover for at least 12 hours before you wet it.
  • Bleeding- Pinpoint bleeding is common to derma rolling but this spots should simply wash or go away. If you used long needles like 1.5mm and above, bleeding is expected due to the depths that it could penetrate on. Avoid using longer sizes because they are not recommended for home and personal use.
  • Bruising- Bruising can take place if you roll aggressively or forcibly. Longer microneedle sizes can also cause minor bruising. Generally, bruise is a common skin injury that results to skin discoloration. When your skin becomes thinner (typically happens as we age), bruising can occur. If you have some bleeding disorder, do not use a derma roller.
  • Infection- If you got an infection, it is possibly due to the germs and bacteria build up that the needles picked and had been transferred to your skin during derma rolling. Also, if you used damaged derma rollers, this would lead to a skin infection when it gets stuck or breaks on your skin while using it. Cleanliness should be observed and proper sanitation of your derma roller is your number 1 rule in derma rolling.
  • Peeling or Skin irritations- Skin irritations are due to the product you applied on your skin after treatment. If you are using toners or creams with peeling effects like Hydroquinone, acid peels, or AHA, please allow your skin to recover first and do not use it after treatment. You may continue using it on your day breaks or when your skin doesn’t show any sign of irritation.

What Products Work Best with Derma Roller ?

Derma rollers can boost the absorption of your skin products to make it more advantageous for your treatment. But as mentioned above, some products should be avoided to do away with side effects and other serious skin problems. If you are in search of products that can go well with derma rolling, here are the best options:

1. Serums – Serums are lightweight moisturizers that contain a much higher proportional concentration of active ingredients, according to Dr. Carlos A. Charles. The vitamins found in this product can make your skin firm, tighter, smooth, and with less visible pores. A very good combination that you can look for in a serum is the one with the formula of Vit C + HA + Vit E. This combination gives you enough skin hydration, protection and moisturization. When used with a derma roller, the collagen production will be maximized because they are necessary for stimulating collagen in order to maintain a healthy skin. If you want to know more about how to use a serum for derma roller, please click this link.

2. Moisturizers- Daily moisturizing is very important because it makes your skin fight skin damage. When moisture is lost, signs of aging will quickly appear and you get to see a dull and stressed looking skin. Moisturizers can treat variety of skin problems so using it along with your derma roller can hasten the effect of having a glowing and healthy-looking skin.

3. Sunscreen protection- Sun’s rays can bring huge damage to your skin. Hyperpigmentation and age spots can be prevented if you stay away from the sun and still put on some added protection like sunscreen with the highest SPF.

Precautions When Using Derma Roller:

It is necessary that you consult your dermatologist if you have present skin conditions that need monitoring and extra care. DO NOT use a derma roller if you have skin allergies, eczema or psoriasis, acne inflammation, rosacea, or present skin infections. Always follow the right technique in dermarolling and apply the same pressure without over rolling.

Not all derma rollers are the same when it comes to quality. There are cheap derma rollers that you can purchase but the quality is so low and did not pass the CE certification. They can do more harm to your skin. When choosing a derma roller, a stainless steel type is preferred over titanium needles because stainless steel grades are safer to use due to its hygienic properties. If you are going to treat delicate areas like near or under the eyes, make sure that you use smaller derma roller heads that are designed for those areas.

Are you looking for a set of derma rollers that can treat all your skin problems? We take pride in recommending our REJUVISS, Advanced Dermaroller System. It is a complete set that comes with 4 different roller heads for the treatment of your face and body problems. Each derma roller head is designed specifically to give you the best derma rolling experience and guaranteed results. The set includes a disinfection chamber, box storage, a roller handle, and the following sizes of roller heads:

12 Microneedles (1.00 mm) - to be used on face to reduce all kinds of scars. This is best for acne scars and treatment of deep stubborn scars.

240 Microneedles (0.5mm) - designed to be used for hard to reach areas such as on the eyes to reduce fine lines and crow’s feet

600 Microneedles (0.5mm) – used for the whole face area such as cheeks, chin, forehead or neck for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and skin discolorations and pigmentations

1200 Microneedles (0.5mm) - for body use to treat skin problems like stretch marks, reduce cellulites, and lighten skin pigmentations

Dermarolling is a safe, convenient and low risk skin treatment that is affordable, yet proven effective as long as you follow the instructions carefully. It doesn’t cure problems overnight. You have to stick to the schedule and get some patience and discipline while using it and soon you’ll see favourable results. With derma roller, having a beautiful and younger-looking skin is only a few steps away!