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Love this for my Acne Scars & Stretch marks

I bought this set and started derma rolling 3 weeks ago. I'm into my 3rd session and honestly love how easy it is to derma roll my acne scars. I rotate between using the face roller and derma pen for my box scars on my cheeks and use the big roller for my stretch marks on my thighs. The idea of having a kit like this with different derma roller head is awesome as I can target different parts of my face and body whenever I want! I will definitely continue to use it and will post results after! Thank you!

Super Versatile Derma Roller Set!

I simply love my Rejuviss 5-in-1 derma roller set! Compared to other companies who only sell 1 type of derma roller, this product offers 4 different derma roller heads to choose from and that to me is the most precious! I get a breakout on my face once in a while and the slim 240 microneedle head is my go to to avoid derma rolling on the active acne. Also, I love the 12 microneedle stamp as it really helps me to specifically target my deeper scars such as on my forehead and cheeks. I wish they come in 1.5mm or 2.0mm length though as my scars are quite deep and would love something that is deeper. Anyway, this set is truly amazing and satisfy all my needs!

Healthy Glow After

I used my 5-in-1 derma roller set for the first time last night and this morning, my skin is tighter & gives out this healthy glow that I've never seen before. I have acne scars on my face and are using derma rolling to help reduce the scars. The scars seems to be less obvious this morning and I'm excited to continue derma rolling!

Great for my stretch marks

I have been looking for a solution to my stretch marks post-natal and decided to try derma rolling for a more permanent and fast result. My skin feels tighter after the first therapy and although it is still not perfect, I believe that this will work! I'm impressed with the results so far and will start to derma roll on my face too. The Rejuviss serum is also great to use together! Will definitely continue derma rolling. Thank you!

It really works! My acne scars on my face has faded since I started derma rolling!

It works! Derma rolling works! My acne scars on my cheeks have faded after I started derma rolling 2 weeks ago. I derma roll once a week and started seeing results in just 2 weeks! My pores are getting smaller too! This is one of the best investment and helps save so much money as compared to a treatment at the dermatologist!

5-in-1 Advanced Derma Roller System

“It really works! My acne scars on my face has faded since I started derma rolling!”
—Alana W., 5-in-1 Advanced Derma Rollers Customer

Repair your skin from Inside-Out

  • 5 in 1 treatment for full face & body
  • Boost natural collagen production to repair skin from inside-out
  • Smooth acne scars & uneven skin surface
  • Reduce fine lines & firms skin
  • Enhance absorption of serum

5-in-1 Advanced Derma Rollers

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Derma Roller System Bundle

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5-in-1 Package Includes

  • 1x 1200 Microneedles Derma Roller Head (For Body)
  • 1x 600 Microneedles Derma Roller Head (For Face)
  • 1x 240 Microneedles Derma Roller Head (For Eyes)
  • 1x 12 Microneedles Derma Roller Pen (For Targeted Areas)
  • 1x Derma Roller Handle
  • 1x Disinfection chamber
  • Free Storage Box

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Repair Your Skin

100% Natural Healing

Boost natural new collagen production to repair skin naturally, from inside-out.

Get Your Confidence Back

Reduce appearance of acne scars, fine lines, saggy and dull skin and get your smile back!

Maximize Absorption

Allow maximum absorption of serum into your skin through tiny channels from derma-rolling.  

Complete Advanced Derma Rollers for your Face & Body

5-in-1 Advanced Derma Roller System

  • Contains 4 derma rollers for face & body
  • Includes disinfection container
  • Comes with free storage box

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