How to Safely Use a Derma Roller Under Eyes

Is it safe to use a derma roller under eyes? When you only sleep a few hours, you will notice the next morning that your eyes become puffy and swollen. But as we age, the puffiness may not only be caused by lack of sleep. You will learn how to safely use a derma roller in this article so you can get rid of those eye bags caused by the weakening of the facial tissues and muscles.

Eye bags are normally harmless. It is part of the natural aging of skin. When the tissues and muscles under the eyes are weakening, the skin sags and the fat the supports the skin around your eyes moves and go to the lower area of the eyes. Some people can be seen with prominent eye bags because it is hereditary and runs through their families. Other causes are allergies, fluid retention, and unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking. As a result, you see dark circles, swelling and loose skin which can be annoying when it is too obvious and when makeup cannot conceal it anymore.

A quick treatment for eye bags is getting enough sleep. But when long or even enough sleep is not feasible due to busy schedules, one can go to a derma clinic to avail of treatments like laser resurfacing, fillers, chemical skin peels or the eyelid surgery. These treatments are not always effective for everyone and are also expensive. Until recently, the use of derma roller in treating skin problems became a top choice for many. By using this beauty device full of microneedles, your skin gets an improved texture and appearance over a few sessions.

How does a Derma Roller Works for Under Eye Problems?

Dermarolling is a skin treatment that uses a derma roller with hundreds or thousands of microneedles. It works by stimulating collagen production. When the derma roller is rolled on the surface of the skin, it creates micro injuries that signal the body to start the natural healing process. It then produces immense amount of collagen to replace the damaged tissues with fresh new tissues, resulting to the healing and generation of new cells. For our skin to stay healthy and young, our collagen level should always stay high, but due to aging, it gradually decreases.

When you use a derma roller to your eye bags, it will treat the area by supplying collagen. The sagging and loose skin under the eye will then get tighter because of the collagen. After a few sessions, the black circles will diminish and the skin texture will be improved. Aside from collagen, it will also stimulate the production of elastin, which is responsible for making the skin flexible and supple, so it won’t easily tear to damage.

Steps in Using Derma Roller Under Eyes

When using a derma roller under eyes, it is vital to be very cautious since this part is delicate. The safe size to be used at home is 0.5mm; this is perfect to treat the wrinkles around the eyes, the puffiness under eyes, and even crow’s feet on the side part. It is better to use smaller roller heads, like those ones with the 240 microneedles, because they are specially designed for hard to reach and delicate areas.

Here are the 10 steps when dermarolling under eye areas:

Step #1: Sanitize and clean your derma roller. You must sanitize your derma roller by soaking it for 5-10minutes using a disinfectant alcohol like isopropyl with 70-90% solution. Clean the handles by wiping them using a wet or damped cloth with an alcohol. This is the very first important step to avoid the infection when the microneedles get in contact with the skin.

Step #2. Cleanse your face. Choose mild cleansers and thoroughly remove all the dirt and oil on your face before the treatment. It is better not to put anything on your face before the session. A well-cleansed face is all you need.

Step #3: Choose size 0.5mm derma roller. This is the recommended size when treating eye bags, dark circles or wrinkles around the eye area. Anything longer than this size will not be safe for home treatment and can cause bruising to those parts. If you wish to use longer microneedles, please consult your dermatologist.

Step #4. Put a numbing cream (optional). If you have a low pain tolerance and feel inconvenient with the pricks in this area, you can apply a numbing cream. Carefully read the instruction when prepping the skin as you need to wait for about 30 minutes to 1 hour before it take effect.

Step #5. Make small sections. Divide the area into small sections of about a quarter of your palm size. It is always recommended to derma roll section by section to fully cover the desired area to be treated. Do not rush in finishing the session by just going back and forth.

Step #6. Use the 4-direction technique. For each section, complete dermarolling in 4 different directions as shown in the diagram below. Then, derma roll up and down 4 times, followed by left and right 4 times, followed by diagonally top right to bottom left 4 times and lastly diagonally top left to bottom right 4 times. After that, you can move on to another section and do the same steps. (insert picture)

Step #7. Roll gently. Avoid rolling forcibly and do not press the microneedles hardly on your face. Use the same pressure for all the areas that you are going to treat.

Step #8. Apply serum. After dermarolling, apply an ample amount of serum on the treated area. One benefit of using a derma roller is it can boost the absorption of your skin care product to make it more effective. When the microneedles are pricked onto the skin, it opens up channels that can allow the skin care products to penetrate in the deeper layers.

Step #9. Allow the skin to recover. After the treatment, wait at least 12 hours before you wash your face. Let the skin recover and heal. When you wake up the next morning, you will notice a beautiful glow on your face.

Step #10. Sanitize and keep your derma roller. To avoid germs and bacteria build up, soak your derma roller again for 5-10 minutes, let it air dry, and keep in the storage box. Maintaining your derma roller will give you the best results.

Important Reminders and Precautions:

Important Reminder: Do not allow the derma roller to reach the lash line when rolling. You might accidentally push it way too much and get into your eyes. Serious eye injuries can happen so be cautious.

AFTER Care Treatment:

Using a derma roller to treat your under eye problems can make your skin sensitive to sun’s rays. Avoid too much exposure and never forget to apply Sunblock or Sunscreen protection with the highest SPF. Sun’s rays can break down the collagen and make your skin more sensitive and unresponsive to treatments. Age spots and hyperpigmentation can occur so always bring a sunscreen protection if you cannot avoid the sun.

Do not apply toners or creams that have strong ingredients like acid peels, exfoliants, or comedogenic moisturizers. Doing so will cause peeling that could hurt and make allergic reactions to your eye areas. Just apply a good serum or moisturizers that can hydrate and bring glow to your skin. You can look for a serum with a VIT C + Hyaluronic Acid + VIT E formula, because it can greatly enhance the production of collagen to speed up the healing process of your skin.

Never use your derma roller for a long time. The derma rollers have a short duration so it is best that you change it after 3-4 uses to get best results on your skin. Sharing of your derma roller to your loved one is a No-No! It is only for personal use and you can be susceptible to infections if you allow someone to use it.

Why Choose the Right Size of
Derma Roller for Under Eye Problems?  

The skin underneath the eye is so thin. That’s why when aging come to hand, it can darken quickly and fine lines show earlier than expected. It is also very sensitive to skin care ingredients. Have you noticed that when you put on some creams you feel some sting? Because at the same time, your eyes can react to the ingredient and the next thing you know, the allergy can spread to the whole face and your eyes may turned red and dry.

When you use a derma roller for under eye treatment, we highly suggest that you check and inspect it first and if possible get a separate roller for those areas. When you are looking online, you might see a lot of cheap derma rollers and you might be tempted to buy those. However, most of those cheap derma rollers have low quality and cannot deliver the results you desire to have.

You might even find in their instruction box that a longer microneedle size is safe to use. Be really careful about that because for your safety, the only recommended size to use for delicate eye area is size 0.5mm. Anything higher is risky and can cause more problems. If you are looking for a high quality derma roller for your eye area treatment, we recommend REJUVISS- Advanced Dermaroller System. It is safe, affordable, and set of four high quality stainless steel derma rollers that can be used in treating not only your eye bags but also all kinds of skin problems in your face and body.

The REJUVISS- Advanced Dermaroller System will give you solutions not just to your wrinkles problem but also address any of the following skin problems:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Shallow Acne Scars
  • Deep Scars
  • Skin Discoloration
  • Age Spots
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Loose/Sagging Skin
  • Hair Loss
  • Stretch Marks
  • Cellulites

How to Use a Skin Care Product with Under Eye Treatment:

There are so many anti-aging creams that are good for prevention of wrinkles and treating eye bags that you can find in many beauty shops. It is hard to tell which one will work or which is best. When buying creams for your eye area, quickly check on the label and look if they are made up of natural ingredients. You can also look for brands that can stimulate collagen production so that it can complement your derma roller treatment.

When using an eye cream, do not apply TOO much. Some creams are only to be applied during the day time or night time. You can test a very small amount first below your eyebrow to see if there will be a reaction. After derma rolling, it is best to apply the product within an hour after your treatment. That is the best time when the ingredients can penetrate deeply to the deep layers of your skin due to the micro channels that were made during rolling.

Aside from anti-aging creams, you may want to check on your lifestyle if you want to have a fast result on your treatments. Avoid smoking and get plenty of sleep and water each day. You will be amazed what these simple things can do to your body too!

Once you have achieved your desired result in your derma roller therapy, you can lessen the frequency of use so you can maintain the skin to look younger and spot-free. Maintenance is always the key. Though dermarolling provides lasting effect, we cannot prevent aging so we need to exert more efforts to delay it. If you are interested to know how to treat other skin problems using the derma roller, you can check our EXPERT GUIDE for more tips and guidelines.