The Rejuviss Revolution

Rejuviss is more than a skincare brand.

Our vision is to Celebrate True Beauty from real women (and men) in all shapes and form.

To us, True Beauty comes from embracing our body, mind and soul wholeheartedly regardless of how our physical self look. All too often, women (and men) look in the mirror and only see their scars and weaknesses from yesterday instead of their beauty of today. We are here to change that perception.

Our Philosophy

In celebrating True Beauty, it is important that the products we developed utilize our body's natural healing capabilities to heal and repair and use botanical ingredients to help nourish our skin.

Our 5-in-1 Advanced Derma Roller System is a complete derma rolling set that targets all areas of your face, eyes, mouth and body to naturally boost the production of new collagen in our skin to reduce appearance of acne scars, fine lines & cellulite.

In addition, our Advanced Antioxidant Serum that is made from premium botanical hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and E plus our unique blend of 16 botanical ingredients helps to repair and bring your glow back! All these goodies are carefully formulated without any of the nasties like paraben, silicone, drying alcohol, petroleum, sulfates or artificial fragrances.

Repair Naturally Inside-Out

Botanical Goodness

No Nasties, Only Goodies

Golden Rule

We take quality very seriously. We will only market products that we will use on our own skin & body. That is our No. 1 Golden Rule when it comes to product selection. Our skincare range are formulated, tested and made in the United States.

Join us.

Beauty is not in the face;
Beauty is a light in the heart.

- so eloquently said by Khalil Gibran