What to Use After Microneedling

You might be wondering if it’s really necessary to put something on your face or maybe you’re confused on what to use after microneedling.

We’ll answer your questions today in this article!


Microneedling or Dermarolling, is a treatment used to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to address and heal a variety of skin imperfections.

By using a derma roller that’s made up of hundreds or thousands of microneedles, the skin is triggered to produce new skin cells so that the old one will be renewed, and your skin appearance will be improved.

Microneedling enhances the absorption of your skincare products through what is called transdermal absorption. I will explain it further as we go along.

If you have skin problems like acne scarring, fine lines, crows feet/wrinkles, skin discolorations or hyperpigmentation, and all signs of aging – dermarolling is the best treatment to do at home! In the same way, it can reduce stretch marks, cellulites, and stimulate hair growth or treat scalp problems. If you want to have plumped and fuller lips, this is a must-try instead of derma fillers!

Here’s a preview of before/after results of microneedling:


Acne scarring results after dermaroller treatment

Photo Credit: @journey_toselflove


Acne scarring results after 3 sessions of dermaroller treatment

Photo Credit: @misskatn


Stretch marks treatment on thighs

Photo Credit: @acne.jo.urney


If you would like to see more of dermarolling results, you can check it out here:


Microneedling therapy, when combined with the best serum to use with derma roller, provides a remarkable result.

During the rolling action, the microneedles create punctures or tiny channels to the skin. These channels allow the product to penetrate through the deeper layers for better absorption. This makes the skincare product more effective upon application; within 15 minutes after your treatment session.

Normally, the skin products that you apply only stay on the surface of the skin. With dermarolling, aside from allowing it to penetrate to the deep layers, also becomes 100 TIMES more effective when applied within 15 minutes after you derma roll! Sounds interesting?

So, let’s now go to the question:
“What to use after microneedling?”

The best products to use with dermaroller are facial serums.

Typically, a serum is a very important skin care product that you apply on your face before you moisturize. The consistency of a serum is like a liquid gel and the formulation contains a high concentration of the main ingredients. This active ingredients, once absorbed by the skin, can instantly hydrate and brighten up your skin tone.

Serums are highly recommended to be used after microneedling because it hastens the recovery of your skin especially when the main ingredients work together to boost collagen production and skin hydration. It is very important that you pick the best serum to use after dermarolling because as previously mentioned, the transdermal absorption allows the skincare to be more potent.



When choosing a serum for your microneedling therapy, these are the active ingredients you should look for in a bottle:

Hyaluronic Acid  

  • It is a very important ingredient because it holds and secures the moisture in skin to fight off the signs of aging.

  • Hyaluronic Acid is found in our skin tissues so the more hyaluronic acid you have, the more it can provide continuous moisture by binding up to 1000 times its weight in water. Without moisture, our skin can be dry, dull, itchy, and sensitive.

  • It works very well with dermarolling because it promotes cellular regeneration and enhances elasticity due to its intense hydration properties.

Vitamin C

  • This essential vitamin aids in wound healing, skin repair and protection, and gives skin a radiant glow.

    It assists in the faster recovery of skin after dermarolling and promotes collagen production so almost all beauty products have this very potent vitamin.

  • Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties that is very helpful when you have active acnes.

  • It helps in the prevention of melanin and reduces darkening of the skin specially on dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

  • This antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, so your skin can get maximum protection from the effects of pollution.

Vitamin E

  • This vitamin is skin’s protection from cell damage. It speeds up the cell regeneration to give you a healthy skin inside and out.
  • Smoothens the skin and replenishes natural oil to diminish signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Helps in making the skin elastic by protecting it from free radicals that weakens the skin’s defense. As a result, you’ll get a lifted, not saggy, and young-looking skin.



Dermarolling can give your skin some slight redness right after the treatment. Thus, if you want to give your skin an ample amount of time to heal and recover, it is best to do it at night before you sleep. After which, you put a few drops of your serum and let the skin absorb it. The next morning, you’ll be amazed how plumped and glowy your skin is!

Your serum is a must-have part of your skincare routine. After cleansing both day and night, nourish and hydrate your skin with your favorite serum, and you will notice dramatic results on your skin’s texture and appearance!



If you are looking for the best cream to use after micro needling, you may look for a moisturizer with the same components along with Vitamin C & Vitamin E.

Vitamin E protects the cell and skin tissues from damage, smoothens the skin, and delays the signs of aging.

Moisturizers prevents the moisture on your skin from evaporating, and helps you maintain a healthy glow, so you’ll look younger. Apply it a few minutes after you apply your serum.

If you need to stay outdoors, it is highly recommended to wear a sunscreen protection. Go for the highest SPF because UV rays can damage your treated skin with or without direct sun exposure.

Also, your skin’s sensitivity to the sun is on high alert when dermarolling. It would be better if you can keep yourself away from direct sunlight, to avoid sun spots or sunburn particularly after the treatment.

What about active ingredients you must refrain from using after dermarolling?


You don’t want to become too harsh on your skin so here are a few names you might want to check in your skincare product before using it after you derma roll:

  • Retinol - Retinol stimulates blood flow and collagen production so you’ll get tighter pores. It also improves the texture of the scars by making it softer and less visible.

    However, some common side effects of it are irritation, redness, peeling, and flaking.

    It is best not to use it right after derma rolling because your skin can already become tender and sensitive after your treatment.


  • Exfoliating acids- These are the AHA like gycolic acid and lactic acid, and BHA or salicylic acid.

    These active ingredients are intended for exfoliating or removing the dead skin cells .

    If you use them right after derma rolling, your skin can get irritated and cause excessive redness or peeling.



  • Makeup- Your favorite cosmetics may contain some ingredients that are not suitable to be absorbed by your skin after derma rolling.

    Some of which are parabens, titanium dioxide, and other preservatives and fragrances .

    As much as possible, refrain from putting on makeup or using your brushes that could be contaminated with bacteria right after microneedling. This may cause infection and severe irritation to your skin. Let your skin breathe and relax!



If you are unsure of what products to use with micro needling, I would highly recommend Rejuviss Advanced Antioxidant Serum.

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Rejuviss Advanced Antioxidant Serum is formulated with a unique blend of 16 natural botanical ingredients plus Vitamin C and Vitamin E, making it a perfect serum to apply after derma rolling. It is formulated with:

  • Botanical hyaluronic acid
  • Green Tea
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • and many more..

This non-greasy formula is a zero-nasties formula that is made without any paraben, silicone, drying alcohol, petroleum, sulfates or artificial fragrances.


Now that you know what to use after microneedling, it’s time to try on the Rejuviss Serum!

It nourishes, hydrates, protects, and calm your skin before and after derma rolling.

Your skin will surely love this. Use it twice daily, after cleansing your face in the morning and at night; and you’ll be extremely happy on how your skin would be!!